The Author Club Membership

The Author Club Membership


The Author club is a member only club. To join you must be a self-published/indie author or in the process of writing your first book. It is completely FREE to attend the first time and continued attendance requires a yearly membership of £448
Members only benefits:

  1. Expert advice from different publishing industry leaders and guest speakers every month.

  2. Get insights and solutions to the challenges of being an indie author

  3. Make essential connections with publishers and book distributors.

  4. Become your best spokesperson by learning to pitch yourself and your book to others.

  5. Meet likeminded indie authors and benefit from the shared knowledge and experience we all have.

  6. Themed monthly competitions and giveaways. 

Optional benefits 

  1. Interview on camera, a great marketing tool you can use to promote yourself and your book on social media - £48 (Usually £148)

  2. Professional headshots by our in-house photographers - £98 (usually £198)

  3. Features in The Quantum of Light Magazine for Authors and Authors To from £98/page (usually £200+)

  4. Discounts on future events, services and products offered by the MTN Media network & our partners.

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