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INTERCONNECTEDNESS- The Beauty of Belonging

INTERCONNECTEDNESS- The Beauty of Belonging

  By Ysanne Lewis

“The distance between you and God… WHO moved?”

All spiritual pathways talk about oneness – ‘uni’ as in universe.  The hologram is a beautiful example of how any part of it reflects the whole.

 In our minds though we so often separate ourselves from each other, nature and the cosmos.  Then we wonder why we feel lonely and out of timing with ourselves and life.  Nowadays we have access to so much information and places and people, yet in some ways we have never felt so isolated or have mismatches with those things.

It is healthy to remind ourselves of the beauty of life’s tapestry and richer meaning….

The Buddha compared the universe to a large net woven from a countless variety of jewels, each with a countless number of facets, each jewel reflecting in itself every other jewel in the net. 

Whether through science or ancient teachings we come back time and time again to the idea that interconnectedness is the bottom line. A network of light.  Nature has a network and interdependence and so do we in the heart and our energy levels.

Whatever we think, do or say has a ripple effect.  Quantum physics describes how when two particles have interacted then separated how interference with one affects the other regardless of distance or space.

These are important thoughts which I want to write about and remind us of at a time when divisions, mistrust and uncertainty are too readily embraced.

There is much attention, even anger, being directed around the subject of Earth and climate change.  The word nature means ‘that which is born’ and the word human comes from humus – earth /soil. We get our word humble from that as well. Our bodies are from nature, though our souls are from elsewhere, and physical matter, whilst important to live with and address, makes me think of the question ”What really matters now?”

There are many wake up calls this year and as we move into 2020.  The beautiful tapestry and intelligence mirrored overhead in the cosmos supplies us, when translated well, with an understanding of timing and messages to deal with change and problems.  Our instincts tell us the same – if we pay heed to them.

We are part of a rich network of cycles which permeate the body, the Earth and the planets. The word cosmos means order and cells within cells exist from the solar system to the cells in our bodies.  A symmetry and indeed orchestra of harmonies resound, often unheard and unseen. But present all the same.

The law of correspondences plays out in our personal lives and on the world stage.  The cycles of the planets this year align with transformation here if we can cooperate. We live in highly wired times - how can we be conduits for new  more evolved information? How can we avoid resisting this and having faulty communications and breakdowns in our capacity to receive clearly?

The world can feel quite crowded nowadays - within our brains as well!  It gets smaller, pervasive and myopic.

The zodiac of 12 is in part a nature cycle encompassing the four seasons of the year. An important visit from the planet Uranus in its 84 year cycle to the    earthy sign of Taurus is happening now. Last year it started this transit of seven years and it is a reminder of the saying, “When the irresistible force meets the immoveable object!”

 Uranus is the earth shaker, the liberator, rebel, awakener and clearer of old ways and pot bound conditions. It loves the unexpected, fresh air and change However, Taurus loves its comfort zones, senses and nature creating roots and form.  Its ruler Venus shows in our values and attachments.  Are we not seeing climate ‘batches’ – sudden peaks and lows of temperatures and quickened conditions of late? The weather is the emotional body of the Earth. No wonder there has been much more an urgency of late to help the planet and a concern with climate change!

With our bodies, a part of mother Earth, are we not seeing changeable fads in eating patterns? One week we are told something isn’t good to eat for our health and the next week we are told it is good for us.  Rather erratic feedback!

Too much junk food of course creates ill health and an emptiness inside which keeps wanting to be filled.  Our bodies then play up and we blame food groups and the like so easily.

 The same applies to poor quality information – the sort we are fed by fake news, ‘loose’ opinions and excess data - and we end up craving more to find the truth. Indigestion of all sorts occur. How we digest food and life and the importance of the law of moderation and balance are often overlooked.

 Understanding matter and form will take on new horizons whilst Uranus is in Taurus until 2026. Our perceptions of energy and time will change. Uranus is the sky god and Taurus is earthy - an interesting conversation will occur in these coming years about cooperation between what we think and intend and how we manifest this.

 Authenticity comes when the outer and inner match and we author our path. As we move towards the end of 2019 and into 2020 we see a conjunction of the planets Saturn and Pluto mirroring our need to master ourselves and clear excess distractions.

 Our senses governed by our bodies are getting a wakeup call to avoid excess distraction and perhaps instead to heighten these five senses of ours so as to tap into other dimensions and a greater awareness to one another.  We are wonderful tuning forks essentially!

The doors of perception are being cleared at present and we need to create space and pauses for this and not distract and keep filling up. Discernment is the key word. Nature knows how to pause!  Our brains don’t and we wonder why we get ill and have to pause!


How stable and healthy are our structures, values and roots now? Instability accompanies new birth and new ways.  It is ongoing at present and it is helpful to breathe through it and see it as a process, not an end!

  See Nature as a Being you can breathe with and feel the elements flow and move through you. Even stones have frequencies – just slower than ours. Everything is alive and we are living at and in a time period of so much aliveness. Simplifying helps, else anxiety and depression clog us and separate us from being truly alive.

The more as individuals we create and allow the change we want to see, breaking through resistance and shells of old protections, as the poet Kahil Gibran wrote, we “break the shell which encloses our understanding.”

Interconnection is always there. We just don’t always trust or sense it. If we want more peace and harmony   we need to recognise the beautiful design of the cosmos, nature and our bodies and know there is a purpose and unity.

Astronauts who have circled the Earth and landed on the Moon have commented that the universe must surely have been created from intelligent design and that the Earth was just too beautiful to have happened by accident. A perspective like that at a distance opened doors of perception for those men. Something mystics have always known.

 It is vital we see the bigger picture even if we are not out there in space!  Getting too tied up with our little worlds and sensation creates a lack of trust and growth. We are beings of resonance and our cells and nervous system unconsciously sense the movements of the larger cell – the solar system - and the rhythms of nature. Our inner timekeepers beat with these and recognise affinities. Change is accelerating fast and if we can align with it we can increase our awe and wonderment at the workings of the beauty and intelligence in life and know how precious our time here is.

These coming months and years will encourage us to see a hidden order of reality which makes sense at the heart level.  The mind can often create an abyss but the heart can cross it.

Working with Time as I do via the planetary cycles and their connection with our lives here on Earth, I recognise the importance of alignment with these.  We are one big cell – worlds within worlds - and separateness is an illusion created by our brains and fear.

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