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“ To become whole, first let yourself be broken” Lau Tzu

It is Sunday and reading a good book is a habit I can’t change.

“For 3 years I have kept relatively quiet about politics. But I think it’s right former PMs write their memoirs, to explain what they did and why. For the Record is out”

After reading this post on social media, I took a bit of time to myself to open this book just to realise that when you split the word record, it brings a new meaning and becomes re-cord.

Available on  Amazon  now

Available on Amazon now

Controversial and self compassionate, the story is breaking out right in the middle of an un-declared civil war, which is impacting not only the fall of GBP but the belief we once had that leadership is not about the leaders but the people they lead.

Less balanced than it could be on the cause- effect paradigm, the book is well written and in my humble opinion, is a cry to re-cord David’s vision for a modern Britain to the very heart of the people who once believed in him. Would anyone listen? Only time will tell.

If I like something about this book, is David Cameron’s brutal clarity on his own account, and giving readers the chance to become aware of the terrible realities behind the most famous door in the information age history : No. 10

Sunday is a good day to re-connect with nature, your thoughts, your innate wisdom. On reflection, while reading David Cameron’s account on the referendum on Great Britain’s membership of the European Union, and what the last three years since he left office meant to him, I can’t help but thinking that everything that happens to you, happens for you.

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Some Women are lost in the Fire, Some Women are Build from it

Some Women are lost in the Fire, Some Women are Build from it