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Celebrating Books’ Anniversary!

Celebrating Books’ Anniversary!

Books are written but are they celebrated enough?



This is what Tony J Selimi, International Author thinks:



Five years ago, from the beautiful Waldorf Hilton Palm Court, with the support of over 300 amazing people, in April 2014, I launched into the world my first book A Path to Wisdom - How to live a balanced, healthy and peaceful life and then in April 2016 my second book



Read and listen the full  interview  with Tony

Read and listen the full interview with Tony

My author journey has taken me through times of doubting myself, wanting to give up and go back to a 9-5 job. Being someone who overcame the pain that came from being abused, bullied, fighting in a civil war and living homeless, I decided to push through every barrier presented to me. I invested a lot of money in various teachers and educators to help me reach my childhood dreams and impact the lives of one Billion people. 

On this journey, I learned how to overcame many challenges, create breakthroughs and become five times #1 Amazon international bestseller, have over a million copies combined book sales from my Audio, kindle and printed books as well as be endorsed by the likes of Dr John Demartini, Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy, to name a few. 

With over twenty-five years of experience and knowledge and under my belt gained from both working in the corporate world, delivering over 15,000 coaching and mentoring hours as well as handling challenges of my own, I put all that I learned into twenty-five conscious engineering principles embedded into the TJS Evolutionary Method: ALARM™.

My books, method and business and technology knowledge became the healthy foundation and the inspiration I needed to create my company, the TJS Cognition Ltd, a globally growing speaking, consulting, coaching, business mentoring and film-making business. With an astronomical heart mission and vision to positively impact, transform education, healthcare, business, leadership and government, I am daily inspired by the results I see in every client I help in UK and across the world. 

Some of the leading experts in the empowerment and academic industry as well as many of my clients describe TJSeMethod as a powerful framework designed in a way that adapts to your personal circumstances to help you create a healthy, balanced and elevated mindset required to empower all of the key areas of life including Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Relationship, Business, Financial, and Love. 

Loneliness – The Virus of The Modern Age.

Writing the book would not have been possible without the coaching I got from my publisher Mindy Gibbins-Klein, the clarity I got from doing Key Person of Influence 9 Month Business accelerator program by Daniel Priestly, being mentored by Dr John Demartini, all of you who know me personally or virtually, the readers from across the world, TV/Radio/podcast presenters, journalists, the reviewers, friends, family, my partner Todor and his family, and the many clients I have helped from diverse professional and business background, some of whom shared their breakthrough stories in both of my books to inspire action in others. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!

The books made my childhood vision to travel the world, teach, educate and empower the lives of one billion people a reality. #TJSEBP2030 

It has taken me to uncharted territories that I was once afraid to navigate including being interviewed globally including ABC, NBC, Sky, CBS, FOX, Hay House, Top Channel, AlsatM, MTB, Klan Kosova, Hay House, SKY and their affiliate channels. 

If you or anyone you know have any of the following traits, you are invited to tag them in this post, comment, read or listen to the Five Times #1 Amazon Bestselling Book #APathToWisdom and multi-award-winning #Loneliness: 

1. You are going through midlife crisis and are looking a way out.
2. Being made redundant and seeking a new direction in life and in business. 
3. Is a perfectionist, OCD, procrastinates and looking to transcend those states of awareness. 
4. Have a super-critical mindset, low-self-esteem and low-self-worth and seeking self-mastery.
5. Experiences emotional, mental and physical pain and seeking to heal their body-mind-heart. 
6. Is a people pleaser who is seeking outside validation and guarantees and wants to take control of his choices and decisions in life. 
7. Has a all or nothing kind of personality, black and white thinking and is living life to extremes. 
8. Has a fear of rejection, have a hard time opening up to people and want to create breakthroughs and the confidence needed to address personal, professional and business challenges. 
9. You ruminate over past failures and wants to focus their mind on the things that are important to you. 
10. You take everything personal and find it hard to communicate your intent.
11. Is an author, speaker, coach, expert in their own field and know you are not living your full potential.
12. Is a 6 to 9 figure business owners who wants to accelerate their growth, improve productivity, team performance and the bottom line-increase the shareholder profits and contribute towards a sustainable future. 


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Do You Believe in Book Fairies?

Do You Believe in Book Fairies?