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Do You Believe in Book Fairies?

Do You Believe in Book Fairies?


by Louise Gooding

The street was silent, the road was clear,
Not a person or soul that she could see near.

No one would know of her visit that day,

and for her that was best, she liked it that way.

For the magic and wonder she could now bestow,

the smiles and the joy, the hearts that would glow.

Waiting for someone, a treasure she'd leave,

and all because she chose to believe.

Believe in a world of words and rhymes,

Believe in stories set in many different times.

The coast is clear, she makes her way,

what a glorious gift she's leaving today?

The gift of reading, she's left a book!

with a note and some ribbon if I'm not mistook...

Who is this creature so generous and kind?

This being who wishes to expand your mind?

A book fairy! That's who! Why haven't you heard?

A fairy with books doesn't seem that absurd?!

Fairies bring love and the spirit of sharing,

their hearts full of love and the magic of caring.

So if you are lucky one day you may find,

A book that a fairy has left you behind.

And if that day comes, remember this too...

there’s the chance there is a fairy waiting in you!


I put my pen down and I look at the screen. I've only been working with the Book Fairies a couple of months after my daughter discovered them on Instagram. But being a part of the Book Fairies felt somewhat magical and special, and being a hobby writer I wanted to share how much it spoke to me.

It's now actually been a year since I wrote that poem and the words still ring true, it's still just as magical, if not more so. The adventures I've had hiding books and sometimes, the joy of seeing my finders reactions when they make their discovery. No matter someone's age or gender, discovering something that's been left behind by a real fairy, wrapped in ribbon is guaranteed to bring a smile and warm glow to anyone.

All this started from a simple post popping up on my daughters 'bookstagram' which inspired her to take her love of books that one step further. 


Does this mean that the book fairies is aimed at children? Not at all, our fairies around the world tend to be old enough to run their own social media accounts and spread the word online about our mission. 

Ellie (@bookfairy_ellie) is the youngest country official (representing Switzerland), her passion for books and the fairies being what earned her the opportunity to represent her country at such a young age (10). I am, as she regularly likes to point out, her PA, which every successful official apparently needs!

The Book Fairies launched in 2017 on International Women's day with the support of 30 country representatives and the help of a Miss Emma Watson who 'fairied' some books from her Our Shared Shelf book club collection.

The aim of the Book Fairies is to spread the magic of reading and books, a worldwide book sharing project which, in their second year running, has over 100 countries with their own Book Fairies busy hiding books in plain sight for unsuspecting finders.

Each book is adorned with the Book Fairy sticker (available in many languages online) which instructs the finder to feel free to take the book, read it and leave for another to find once they have finished.


A random act of kindness, that keeps spreading, each time a book is read by its finder, it allows the finder to join the fairy movement by hiding it for another. Of course, the hope is they are inspired by their find and wish to take their Book Fairy journey further by heading to the website and ordering their own stickers to hide their own books for others to discover.

The fairies also try to work closely with independent authors, a couple of times a year we dedicate a day across the globe and celebrate #indiebookfairies by sharing their donated books. This most recent being held 11 May 2019.

Our social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram come alive with new and exciting authors and their wonderful books that are yet maybe to be discovered by the online book community and the 100,000+ followers we have.

We also have our 'Book Fairy for a day' where we offer the authors a chance to work with a local fairy.  The fairy will take photos of the book prep (ribbons/stickers) and the author hiding their books and spread the word about the authors day and experience on the accounts, highlighting the books they have chosen to share with the potential finders.

Our country officials also try to work closely with local publishers and book stores on and offline. We love to be able to help with any promotional events for new book releases or literary events and have been lucky enough to work with some amazing companies and organisations throughout the last two years.


There are so many more amazing projects going on within the Book Fairy community, from supporting little libraries, readings, donating books to hospitals or refugees and so many more fabulous stories, all of which can be found on on the website with any more information you may wish to find about how you can become a fairy yourself or supporting us with an upcoming campaign. You can order your stickers online at:

Do you now believe in book fairies?

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