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No One Understands Me by Nick Dube

No One Understands Me by Nick Dube

No One Understands Me

The Cry of every Teenager



Genre: Education, Personal Development, Motivational 

Times have changed and “my parents don’t understand me” is the cry of many teens.

 Nick explores the many challenges and pressures teens are facing today and is with this story he is challenging parents to wake up and be aware of what’s happening not only to their teen but ‘in’ them as many teens are struggling with, identity crisis

Nick brings a new perspective on how to understand our children, and share unique solutions to eliminate the cause of the top three challenges parents and their teens are facing in today’s society: Depression and mental health issues, Drugs and gangs and Social media negative side effects. Parents are challenged to reflect and change their relationship with their teen child and teens are given the tools they need to step into adulthood trouble free, equipped with awareness and unconditional support.

 About the Author

Nick is a qualified Leadership, Business and Youth coach, whose mission is to empower people to maximise their potential and fulfil their purpose. A sought after Youth Conference Speaker & Coach, he made it his life mission to mentor young people to deal with modern life’s challenges , discover their purpose, maximise their potential and become the best they can be, despite their race, culture, backgrounds or any setbacks of life. 

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Nick holds postgraduate qualifications in Business and Executive Coaching and in Leadership Coaching and Mentoring.

 Married to his lovely wife Non and blessed with 2 boys Ethan & Zane.

Tell us what were you doing before you started to write the book?

I have been developing my coaching and speaking business and started in 2014 as a Leadership and team coach and speaker and the past 3 years have been focused on young people, seeing the many challenges they are faced with, have spoken and youth meetings and conferences.

 What were your biggest challenges when writing the book?

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Initially it was overcoming any self-doubts of whether I was going to be able to do it and also will people want to read my book, after that it was finding coaching and guidance help to bring out the message in a way that will connect with readers and lastly navigating the ins and outs of publishing.

 What have you learned about yourself during this process?

It wasn’t easy to make the decision to become an author. In my heart I knew that I do have a message and should not doubt my ability to influence and change at least one life.

 What would you do different if you did this again?

I would get the support and help I need as early as possible instead of struggling and doing things by myself. Promoting your book is as important as writing your book. I learned that more promotion and marketing before publishing a book is key to reaching out to more readers.


Are you planning on writing another book? What would you write about this time?

Yes, have already started on my second installment for teenagers and young people, this time talking about How to raise Resilient Teens.

How has the book changed the way you perceive yourself?

It has made me believe in myself more, holding a book with my name on it has been a great boost in confidence.

 What other books or authors inspired your writing style?

My Leadership Mentor John C Maxwell has been a great inspiration and reading his many books have helped me connect with my own purpose.

 What is the main message you hope readers will take from your book?

The challenges young people face are real and stand as the greatest threat to their future. Parents, adults, schools, churches must get together and help young people not only to succeed academically but know how to overcome life’s challenges.

What advice would you give to anyone wishing to become an author?

Believe in yourself and your message or story, you don’t have to be well known or know it all to write; what you know or have experienced is a great start and get some help and guidance to avoid setbacks.

What would you do when you became rich and famous?

My dream is to change and impact as many lives as possible, spread a message of hope, allowing people to believe in themselves and their dreams despite their backgrounds or limitations. All things are possible to each one of us as long as we believe in ourselves.


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