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Book Lovers: Lady Anita Chioma Duckworth-Bradshaw

Book Lovers: Lady Anita Chioma Duckworth-Bradshaw

Lady Anita Chioma Duckworth-Bradshaw (Lady Anita Bradshaw), a woman of Excellence, wife and mother, is the founder of Powerhouse Global Ltd. An organisation set up to educate, inspire, empower and transform the lives of  Women across the GLOBE. She is the Powerhouse Global Propagator (Powerhouse Global Magazine, Powerhouse Global Conferences, and Powerhouse Global Awards). She is an accredited personal performance coach from the COACHING ACADEMY UK. A trainer, mentor and a sort after GLOBAL SPEAKER whose work speaks for itself..

Lady Anita is published author of over 5 personal development books (All on Amazon & website). She is an authority in capacity building and leadership development. She is a multi Award-Winning Impact Global Leader and Powerhouse Global Speaker. 

In 2013 she was gifted a title, as an appreciation of her work as an Agent of Change:The most honoured, Lady Anita Chioma Duckworth-Bradshaw, Lady of Glencoe, Scotland.

Lady Anita is also the President of "POWERFUL GLOBAL WOMEN FOUNDATION". PGWF is a charity based in Nigeria, West Africa. In 2016, she single handedly fed over 400 children as part of her annual  PROJECTs in Africa. 

 What inspired you to write your books?

Writing is part of my everyday living. As a person of authority in personal and professional development industry, putting out life transforming materials are ways of being a part of the ‘world solution providers’.

“Woman the powerhouse” is written to educate, inspire, motivate and transform the thinking pattern of women. Based on the daily challenges of life, women most times allow the pressures and demands of others to over-shadow their beauty and strength. Every woman has the incredible power to succeed in their own right. Through real-life illustration, exercises and personal stories, you will be inspired to take those big scary steps towards discovery, de-clutter your circle of influence, use the SWOT analysis to discover your potential, learn to love yourself and learn to accept change. This book will provoke the desire to re-discover personal/professional potential.

My latest book (YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH)  stressed the need for personal discovery of one’s greatness which lies within each and every person on planet Earth. I talked about being ‘COMPLETE’.

What inspired you to create your business?

I DIDN’T WANT TO BE JUST AN AVERAGE ‘LADY ANITA’. I know my mind is brilliant and not going after what would put me on the map would have been a sad journey. I have been in personal development business for 11 years.

 What challenges are you solving?

I sell hope and endless possibilities mindset..  I empower individuals to take risk on themselves. No wonder Lori Hardy said:  “ Do not be afraid to take risk, for where there is risk comes a reward.” A lot of people are not living their purpose. They live their lives based on other people’s ideas. That focus on what would go wrong all the time, instead of what could possibly go right. My mission is to shatter such belief in the lives of those I serve.

 How does it work?

I WORK BASED NEEDS. From speaking in front of thousands of people across the globe, to organising life transforming events (creating platforms for others to showcase their brilliance), to publishing books and magazine, to running global coaching programme….. I love my life.

Where do you turn for inspiration and why?

I am a student of continual learning. I tap into the wisdom of both the old and the new generation. I am a believer of the ‘BIBLE’ and that is my main source of inspiration.  I have great teachers and mentors (dead and living), and I am an explorer of endless possibilities. I journal daily and I am one of those who has the gift of ‘WISDOM’.

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