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Book Lovers: Robert J. Moore

Book Lovers: Robert J. Moore

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Robert J. Moore is a Therapist, International Speaker and a Life Coach that has impacted the lives of many through the work associated with his International Award-Winning Best-Selling books, “From Rock Bottom to Success”,” The Better Way Formula – Principles for Success” & "Magnetic Entrepreneur A Personality That Attracts". This success story has impacted the lives of over 100,000 people through an emotional tale that has provided insights on how to determine one’s worth and create a life worthy of joy and success.

Robert has been interviewed by magazines from around the world, national TV programs, radio shows, and has also been invited to speak at TEDx and on world class stages with Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Eric Thomas, Douglas Vermeeren and Raymond Aaron. But not so long ago, Robert was totally destitute. Homeless and alone, he had alienated his friends and family with his delinquent behavior and had nowhere to turn.

He thought his journey was over, and his path was at a dead end until a miracle happened...Robert has done what historically very few people have been able to do; come back from a long history of drug and alcohol addiction and a life with no purpose, no education, and no hope.

Since 2005, Robert has completed educational programs ranging from Social Service Worker, Addictions Diplomas, and a Bachelor and Masters in Psychology, and his Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to Master Practitioner.

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Robert has studied 45 of the top archives in the world in the past decade to build his latest Coaching program, “Authentic Story to Impact Millions”.  He is creating opportunities for others and ultimately shaping their lives towards better outcomes. Robert is living proof, that you can use your story to impact others around the world. 

Robert's selfless drive to help others has won him many awards and put him on the Best Sellers list many times.  His drive is endless to see others achieve their hopes and dreams like he did! 

What inspired you to write your books?

I have written 6 books, my first book “There’s Moore to Life” it was inspired to by some of the people around me as they would say “Robert you have amazing story and could help so many people achieve their goals”.


Once I became Internationally Awarded Bestseller I decided, I wanted to help brand up other entrepreneurs to reach their success. Therefore, I decided to continue to build my success through the celebrities I have studied over the last decided. I asked a number of high-end celebrities to write a Foreword for the Magnetic Entrepreneur series.

Then I show other entrepreneurs how I can give them massive value by investing in a chapter of the book. As, they get themselves on the front cover along with myself, high end celebrities and 13 other entrepreneurs to bring themselves to an entirely new level. It’s a nice feeling when you reach the International Bestsellers statues and all the other authors get to use the title.

What inspired you to create your business?


After learning how to make my most difficult fears, resistance and emotional situations into my best days of my life, that’s when I felt peace with myself and understood I could teach others to do the same! Believe me I started many businesses, that failed, or I walked away from, as they were not my true identity, it wasn’t till I truly found my passion that’s when I made it big.

Today I am the first in Canadian history to ever host the Magnetic Entrepreneur: Author Awards 2019: Canada’s First Authors Awards Ceremony where it’s a Red-Carpet event. (please do not forget this part, it’s so important)

What challenges are you solving?


Many of others have a thought that they are not good enough, or they resist moving forward as they fear success or failure. So, empowering them to start believing they are worth it is one essential thought I deal with… I also teach others how to tell their story, but anxiety seems to be a big factor in people life. Therefore, I teach them to overcome this anxiety with different behaviors and thoughts.

How does it work?

Nothing will ever work or change if the student/ client does not have an opening mind!

I utilize all my studies and credentials to be there to support the needs of student/ clients as each of them have their own personal characteristics and have to be approached differently.

Once I see how the person using their words, physiology of the face expression, and learn their body language, I then utilize all my credentials (BA- Phycology, Masters in Counselling, a Addiction’s diploma, Social Service Worker, diploma) and work with them to find the best solution to their situations. I have proven methods that work, and allows the client/ student to overcome the obstacles they were facing.

 Who are the people who could benefit?

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Entrepreneurs authors, speakers anyone who want to be shown ways to improve their skills. It’s been estimated that I have helped over 100,000 people. If you’re an entrepreneur and want to tell your story and become a published author then I am the guy to go to as I will teach you how to write your story, so it enhances your business and brand you up a level, then I want to work with you!


What are the challenges to make the public aware of your work?

At first it was hard to maintain my own business as I was not recognized for all I do. It wasn’t till after I started to study 45 of the top achievers in the world, that I learned how to properly set myself up to become recognized or put of their more to empower others. Today I teach or other entrepreneurs how to properly market themselves and leverage their business. 

 Where do you turn for inspiration and why?

I been inspired by 45 of the top achievers in the world, as they mastered how to be the best they can be through their teaching. Today I take a bit from each of them and made “ME” and my programs I have now to offer.

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