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Book Lovers: P.S. Winn

Book Lovers: P.S. Winn

As you know me already as the curator of Inner Greatness, I am delighted to introduce you the first guest to my column “Book Lovers”: P.S. Winn.

At present, amongst other things, Pam is reading 14 books and writing 2, but, as promised, she found the time to answer my questions, in exactly 17 minutes. Enjoy!

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“To my friend and family, I am Pam. To my readers, I am P.S. Winn. I began this journey 6 years ago. Since I began putting the crazy ideas swirling through my brain onto paper, I have published 54 books. I wrote longhand as much as I can. Eleven herniated discs in my back and neck have forced me to slow down, but I cannot be stopped. I write children’s books, young adult and adult, because reading is the one thing all ages can benefit from. I like to explore supernatural and the link with spiritual in many of the books. I am fascinated by the afterlife and near death experiences. Maybe because I had so many family pass on, including two children. Many of the things I wonder about I add into the stories. Especially the possibilities of what gifts we all have and the  possibility of taking them to new levels. Things like healing, remote viewing and other incredible talents. Of course with those things we find someone trying to stop the good with evil, so conspiracy thrillers are born.”

What inspired you to write your books?

I always wrote short stories and poems to share with family, but didn’t publish anything until I was forced to move because of my husband’s health and almost couldn’t fit those poems into the moving truck. When we got settled I decided to publish in  order to have a permanent record of the stories. One book turned into 54 and I am busily trying to keep going. My readers and reviewers have been amazing and keep me going on those days when I am in pain or just think about giving up.

What challenges are you solving?

Like I  said, the health issues are forcing me to be more creative in getting the books out. My family is amazingly supportive. Especially when this journey takes my attention away from them.

How does it work?

I have slowed down, the  ten books a year have evolved to 3 or 4, but luckily the ideas have never stopped flowing. I usually have two or three books going at once. I also read a lot. I am a top reader and reviewer on Goodreads, averaging ten a day.

Who are the people who could benefit?

I try to help fellow authors who are undertaking the same journey as I am. I am thankful to them for doing the same for me and others.

What are the challenges to make the public aware of your work?

Oh my gosh, the worst thing is promoting books. I have never been much of a sales person. So many people write books and I just feel lucky to have the books noticed by some. If one reader loves you book or it changes a piece of their life, you have done an amazing thing. I get feedback from readers that is so amazing. My heart is touched by each. The most amazing was a woman, who is a mother and now a grandmother. Her daughter was in labor and having problems. The woman had one of my children’s rhyming books called “The Alphabet Book” in her purse. Pulling it out, she began reading. The labor problems stopped and the baby was born, healthy and happy. That was the most awesome thing.

Where do you turn for inspiration and why?

Just life. I see things differently than some. Once while on a road trip, I saw an empty railroad car. It became “Phases” the story of a werewolf who knows he changes when the moon is full and is only trying to find a way to prevent himself from hurting others. The inspiration in all the books is what a reader with a vivid imagination adds to the story. A good reader makes a great book. No two readers come away from a book with the same pictures in their heads.

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