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A mindset of Abundance

A mindset of Abundance

'Kindness is your biggest gift and the greatest wealth you will ever possess' Danielle Serpico

Danielle Serpico’s dream has always been to inspire people with her art and her words, but somehow she ended up becoming an entrepreneur in the Restaurant trade with four businesses. In 2009, after 16 years, she closed the doors on her last restaurant and that’s when her next journey started in personal development, training with the best in the world and discovering her true passion.

She is now a world leading Mind Coach, Hypnotist and Certified Licensed NLP Practitioner, Master& Trainer. She is also a European Gold and Silver Medal Champion in Kenpo Karate and teaches Self Defence for Mind, Body & Spirit as well as hosting two very popular weekly Radio Shows - RadioMasterMind on wwww.charityradio.ie and ‘MindMatters’ on 103.2 Dublin City FM.

She is in high demand for her talks - and holds regular Meetups, Workshops and Trainings, internationally and worldwide.

Danielle is the Author of the acclaimed ‘The Blackbelt Mastermind’, a Self-help book on having a fighter spirit and a success mind set and is the Founder of her M.A.S.T.E.R System, which stands for Masterful Attitude Strength and Tenacity Equals Results.

Her vision is of a world inhabited by people who are really living not just existing. One where people take control of their minds and put them to good use, rather than allowing it to take over or to go on auto pilot. A world full of awareness and excitement and a mindset of abundance.

 What is your definition of being rich?

Being rich is very subjective and completely individual although I believe in each case it includes an ‘abundance’ of something. This something could be money or it might be simply an abundance of peace of mind. For me, being rich involves an abundance of opportunities. Richness to me means freedom – to choose wisely. Having the luxury of choosing is a gift, one that we need to give ourselves.

What is the story behind your vision?

For 36 years I ‘existed’ - comfortably but not truly happily. I was always searching for more yet totally unaware what the more really was that I wanted. Many others are doing the same. We grow up and still don’t really know who we want to become, not realising we are IT all along. Coming to this awareness gives us power and freedom. We don’t need to feel lost, lonely, sad. We are all in this together. I want others to feel this sense of empowerment that anything is possible.

What were the top challenges when you started your journey as an author?

Deciding to write a book is scary. At the start I thought…’who am I to write a book?’ I think that is a thought that crosses everyone’s mind. Then I realised, who am I not to! I have a story, as do you. Both are unique and both can touch and change someone’s life. I had discovered ways and skills to communicate more effectively both to myself and to others and these tools had changed my life. It would have been wrong not to share this with others. Many say writing a book can be hard, but for me that was the easy bit, I wanted to explain how your mind works for you in the simplest way possible. It was the next part that followed which took a little bit more determination. Once you’re an author, a little bit like being a black belt, you have power but also you now have a responsibility. You have to make sure to set the example and also help others do the same.

What are the top wins you achieved since you publish your first book?

There have been so many wins. Speaking regularly on stage, holding workshops and trainings. Becoming a Radio Broadcaster and designing my own Mental Health show. Meeting many of my readers and hearing the incredible feedback on how the book brought them to a higher level of awareness and benefited their lives. Every person I have affected, either directly through the book or from one of my trainings, is a major win for me. Knowing I have transformed people’s lives for the better gives me goosebumps every day and I am eternally grateful. The ultimate win for me I guess has been changing my own mind and the publishing of my book was a big part of that.

What would you do, if you had a magic wand? 

Have people realise they always have a choice and that it is not their mind that controls them but they themselves who control their mind. Again this is the ultimate freedom.

On a similar note I would raise their awareness so that they would ‘get’ that their own development and evolvement stems from their ability to have empathy for any other sentient living being. Kindness is your biggest gift and the greatest wealth you will ever possess.



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