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Divinely Different

Divinely Different

It is when you have endured every adversity imaginable that you begin to understand that you are different, divinely different. Judy Dyer, wasn't born with the experiences she went through along the way but she was born with a unique essence that makes her different in a divine way.

Judy, who is now on her way to serendipity, has conquered all adversities that came her way with grace and determination to master all that she is today. I took a peek into the life of this inspirational woman who is creating waves of emotional intelligence and touching the lives of total strangers and I hope this interview is inspiring us all to identify and accept a very simple truth: we are divinely different .       

 What inspired you to create your Business, Divinely Different?

The inspiration to create my business came after a huge turning point in my life back in 2016 . I was living a life I loved in a place I loved , in Beautiful Derbyshire Countryside, In the Peak District, close to the Beautiful Chatsworth House, running a business I loved- a 400 year country house hotel which I brought back to life in a quintessentially quaint chocolate box village, in a small community, with a man I loved, 'THE' person I felt that truly understood me and we connected in every way. I thought that was my all. Well who wouldn't?  It is only after losing all of those richnesses I had in my life, and I CAME TO A STILL POINT, that I become aware of who I am really, and I felt the need to pick up my spiritual tools and work some magic, allow few miracles to happen. 

What is your solution for re-inventing skills and lifelong learning?

My solution for reinventing skills and lifelong learning is to follow your passion and listen to what the universe is telling you. You will be guided, this is why we have intuition and gut feelings. When the student is ready the teacher really does appear... We are all the sum of the parts and so we have all been allocated gifts to keep the whole of the universe in harmony by what we can offer. If we tune in to our instinct and aim to give instead of 'get',  the world would come back into balance and alignment.

What's the biggest challenge you had to overcome to arrive where you are in your Life?

My biggest challenge to overcome has been understanding Love. Love is intangible and comes in many forms and guises. Learning to love myself completely and accept truly who I am has unravelled my confusion of others and how they perceive love. When I have come to understand I am an embodiment of love which is ALL THAT IS, the underlying feelings of the LOSS or of my perceived loss has become less painful...For me, personally, an absence of love in my childhood led me on a journey of devaluing myself and giving away my own love too easily.

What changes need to happen so women feel empowered and do the things they want to do, by themselves.?

Firstly, women need to honour themselves by acknowledging the true essence of being a woman.. the divine feminine. Everything comes through us and not from us. We need to understand that we don't own anything or anyone including children, lovers, spouses or friends.

Accepting who you are and understanding your soul has been housed in the body you were born with, which is a vehicle for you to experience life here on Earth. Honouring your body with love and kindness each and every day and linking in with the feminine intuition is fulfilling the purpose of what women came here to do. Women need to follow your passion.

What changes need to happen in our society so men and women feel included and recognised as valuable social assets ?

We are all equal. We are all born and we all will die in the Human sense...It's in giving that we receive on many levels and life is changing on all dimensions, in our ever fast pace of life.  We need to rise up and be true to who we really are and love and respect each and everyone for being divinelly different.


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