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The art of Contribution

The art of Contribution

Interview by Dr Marina Nani

Ann Skinner, also known as The Heartworker, is a writer, doodle artist and the author of the bestselling book, 'The Art of Contribution'. All her work aims to inspire us to reconnect to our very essence so we can reclaim all of who we are – intuitive, creative and heartfelt beings.

Ann has made it her mission to help us to reconnect to our hearts by choosing to put her own heart in the driver’s seat. Ann’s teachings remind us that our heart connects us to our true nature. It is our guide to compassion, the portal to our innate courage and wisdom and the path to true abundance.

Through her Heartworkers Academy, Ann shares her wisdom on living a life fully heart led with her online programmes and her sacred community for fellow Heartworkers. Ann also shares a doodle a day with her followers on social media.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by nature and the nature of things. Life is so full of colour, beauty and magic and at the same time darkness, pain and sorrow. I am fascinated how both can live side by side and how, depending on whether we choose to focus on love or fear, our experience of life changes.

Another thing that has kept my attention is what helps us to show up in the world in a way that adds to it rather than detracts from it.

My vision for The Heartworker grew out of my personal research on the subject of contribution. When I first started writing and speaking about contribution, I thought I had found the ‘Holy Grail’, believing that giving was the route to long-lasting happiness. However, as I explored the subject in greater detail, I realised that, although I was ‘right’, I was also ‘wrong’ – giving wasn’t the whole story. Through my insights, my work has evolved into what it is today – an authentic expression of who I am through what I do.

My explorations also led me to publish my book The Art of Contribution, which became a bestseller on Amazon in the spiritual gift department. The book is a gentle companion to living a meaningful life and shares the 5 components that help us to be the difference and shares the challenges of having a giving default setting.

What are your plans for 2018?

2018 is rather an exciting year for me as my work continues to expand and evolve.

I use goal setting sparingly and prefer to work with strong intentions as it is a more sustainable and playful way for me to work. It allows me to explore, expand and evolve in an organic way and can have the side effect of creating possibilities beyond preconceived outcomes and expectations. I do, however, like to create a strong vision to help me move forward with my work and my brand, The Heartworker.

I am particularly excited about sharing my teachings ‘Evolving The Heartworker’s Way’, in both in my upcoming book and online programmes.

The Heartworker’s Way shares my three keys to love, life and leadership. They are:

Be present because presence allows us to come back home to ourselves in each moment.

Be curious from a place of wonder because it opens us up to growth and possibility.

Be kind because kindness is something the world desperately needs.

Another project I am excited about is my budding gift shop. My products were born out of my love for expressing myself through doodling and these simply heartfelt and divinely inspired doodles evolved and now feature on a variety of products. It is my wish that each gift will uplift both those who will give and receive them.

A third and final project is a visual community project. It is currently in the slow cooker but will feature the thought “If you had a message for the world, what would it be?’ I have noticed how the answer to this question is often the very thing we most need to hear ourselves.

What is the key message for our readers?

Decision is the ultimate destiny. When you choose to live a life navigated from the heart you will find the wisdom and courage to learn to love all of you and your creations. The world needs you to believe in you and (and here’s the magic of life) once you do, others will start to believe in you too.

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