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One way ticket

One way ticket

Dene Stuart, The Thinking Revolution

Interview by Darie Nani

Dene Stuart is a pioneer in the field of personal resourcefulness. Having written the only book currently available on the subject: ResourcefulMe.

He helps people to develop their personal thinking strategies so they can create the success in their lives they are looking for.

Frustrated with the personal development programmes, life coaching, personal coaching and counselling models available to him when he needed help and support, he ended up navigating his way through with little outside help.

Most people are looking to achieve more but are not certain how to go about it. What is your personal solution to transformational change?

I often heard 'The Answer lies within you'. After years of research and frustrating trial and error, I was able to reach the conclusion that the answer really did lie inside me, but the difference was this was no longer an act of blind faith. It was based on an understanding of the way the brain really works, the difference between brain and the mind and the last element; the difference between the mind and your thinking. When you understand this, the idea that the answer lies within you becomes obvious rather than an idea of trust.

Your insights into “Thinking” is not only unique but give people a system to overcome challenges they face that seem to be insurmountable. What is the help available? 

Not long ago, while seeking help,  I looked into every single program available but all seemed irrelevant and inadequate for my needs. 

After twenty years experience in high pressure senior corporate roles and through personal and business failure, The Thinking Revolution helps you find the answer within you and re-evaluate your options.

Personality Profiling and Emotional Intelligence are the workshops I run for business groups and students. Each one of my talks is your one way ticket to a new reality, a much better reality, which I call 'the Thinking Revolution'


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