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Sherine Lovegrove

Sherine Lovegrove

Sherine has run a successful practice as a registered UKCP Neurolinguistic Pychotherapist, Wellness Coach and Trainer for the past 20 years. She holds a master’s degree in cognitive neurosciences and neuropsychology from Birkbeck College, London and has applied this knowledge to create her iCAN® Change Model, which uses brain-based techniques to not just help us change our behaviours but also to make those changes stick.

Her speciality is in the field of applied epigenetics – a new area of study which revolves around reversing the maladaptive effects that chronic stress has on our body. Sherine’s greatest desire is that every person gets the opportunity to live a truly successful and fulfilled life. However, she believes for that this to happen a person must fully understand and also act on the knowledge, that they are both the Creator and the Creation of their life.  Thus, she focuses her energy on facilitating her clients to get into the driver’s seat so that they can actively begin driving their creation, themselves. 

Sherine enjoys travelling and meeting new people. She loves to go on long walks and particularly likes trekking around the countryside and going up mountains. A long-standing joke is that she believes a mountain is there to be climbed and so when she sets out to climb it she doesn’t stop until she gets to the top

To understand a little more about Sherine’s work here is a link to her video on the Transformation TV   https://www.transformation.tv/p/SherineLovegroveTVShow. Her interview on the Transformation FB with Ann Skinner - https://www.facebook.com/TransformationTV/videos/543328412677577/

She is the also the author of The Aha Moment – How to maximise the Results for the lease Amount of Effort http://amzn.to/2BcrpoS


The story behind the book

'Throughout my life from the age of 14 years of age my weight has yo-yoed continuously and I became what I call a serial dieter. I would embark on a new diet regularly –which means that I have experienced a lot of different diets and I have even been successful at losing a lot of weight over my lifetime, but I had kept it off for any real length of time.


There had to be a reason for this kind of faulty learning because any reasonable person would have immediately taken appropriate actions to prevent this happening to them again. But, the excitement of dieting and losing weight quickly was like an addiction for me, where I was addicted to being able to say NO to food when I really wanted to eat it. This made me feel very powerful and maybe a little superior. I also liked the feeling of getting very quick results and knowing I had worked hard for it. So, my ego was massively deflated when this strategy of losing weight easily, failed me. 


My last weight loss journey started in 2014, I was 55lbs overweight and suffering with a number of physical ailments directly caused by my weight gain. I had been trying to lose weight off but it wasn’t budging meant that I was going to have to approach things differently because what I was doing, wasn’t working for me. Thankfully, I did learn to change my eating behaviour easily and effortlessly and also managed to make those changes stick.


I named my book The AHA Moment because it was only after I had experienced an AHA Moment that everything fell into place. I KNEW, in that moment, that I could lose the weight FOREVER. The AHA Moment was my turning point. I believe that AHA Moments are the body’s natural way to help us problem solve when we are in difficulties, because they help us step outside the box so that we can see all-potentialities.


Controlled AHA Moments with hallucinogenic drugs have been part of many spiritual practices to help individuals “open up” the doorways in their mind. Giving them the potential to access hidden potentialities which they would have got otherwise that might be helpful to them. Interestingly, hallucinogenic drugs are currently being researched in many well-known universities as a therapeutic modality to help treat addictive behaviours. 


I knew that for me the AHA moment was critical to my changing and therefore maybe this was the key to changing happening permanently. Also, my neurological background made me aware that even though our brain may have changed through neurological re-hardwiring – that nothing is fixed. So, don’t believe that once a pattern becomes automatic that it will stay permanently, because if there are still inner conflicts going, beneath the surface, they will out and the behaviour will come back. 


Thus, my sole purpose for writing the book was because I wanted that people could learn a process that would ensure that the new behaviour would stick permanently. I wanted that they could reactivate their own AHA Moments in a way that allowed for them to consistently progress towards their goals.


To do this, I use the ICAN® Model that I developed, which is based on 4 key processes – Insight, Commitment, AHA Moment and New Behaviour and|or New Person. The first three processes are designed to generate AHA Moments and can be identified easily once the person has reached it. There are also exercises in it that will help to drive the process forward. Also, if a relapse should, for some reason as a result of the “Honeymoon Effect” which is commonly known in addiction cases when a person is likely to relapse, that person would be able to get back on track easily.


I have exposed myself as I have never done before so that the reader can see exactly how I went through the steps for myself. I want that everyone is able to create a template that model out for themselves. I have also given possible explanations of why things happen and how by using certain techniques we can overcome three natural barriers within the brain that often get in the way of permanent change.


On a last note: From my own experiences as a coach and therapist I have found that those people that have been most successful in changing their behaviour permanently are those that are committed to doing a process consistently. They weather the storm and are rewarded with excitement when they observe what is happening to them. This drives their motivational energy forward taking them, even more quickly, towards the future they want to create.

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