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Philippa Gittens

Philippa Gittens

Interview by Dr Marina Nani

Award Winning Author, Philippa Gittens wrote Love Yourself & Be Yourself: How To Boost Self - Confidence and Courage To Create The Life You Deserve for leaders  and business executives who want to create positive change in their business relationships.

This book is designed to help you create their social capital that produces public goods for a common good. It may not be possible for you to attain all the attributes realistically, but that is not even the purpose of this book. “Its purpose is to guide you and to give you the tools necessary to achieve contentment through effective self grooming ultimately allowing you to Love Yourself.”

What is the inspiration behind your book?  

The inspiration behind my book is to share and advise people (especially women) of the winning tools I have developed to guide me through my past challenges.  Inspiring them to leap beyond their comfort zone. In Love Yourself And Be Yourself they may discover which hurdles are standing in the way of them living the life they deserve.

Implementing the tools in my book could help readers strengthen their life, be effective in their life and have more happiness.

Who do you want to inspire?

People who want to improve and enhance the relationship with themselves firstly and then with others.

What is the key message in your book? 

Took me decades to understand that building and maintaining a healthy relationship with myself is the key to great relationships with other people. The key message for my readers is to love oneself as you would love others.

If you had a magic wand, what would you change in your life?

I am happy with who I have grown into and I am open to receive what I have created in the future...Having optimal health, strength and well being to take my vision globally empowering and inspiring others into taking action to make that change in their lives that they deserve.....

What would you change in the world? 

I would change the education system in schools so that the subjects taught were relevant to everyday life, thus preparing the students for adulthood.

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