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Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) 

The online decision-making moment is known as ZMOT

Where do you do your market research? Where do you go before you purchase anything? Google is not just a noun and verb that is governing the marketplace but a lifestyle.

Shopping for your next city break, a new car, a partner (...) or a new book title, is a process that starts with the moment of truth and that influence and impacts your buying decisions, your lifestyle and expectations. 


Who do you think could benefit from your reading your book? How well do you understand your reader? Do you speak their language? Perhaps you would like your book to attract each and everyone who is looking for a good book but in 2018 we are serving a sophisticated, well-read readership like no other. 

Have you narrowed down your audience? Do it again! And again!  Your well-defined niche got layers of different kind of readers. Knowing your Demographics is not enough anymore. If you write a book for baby boomers couple, for example,you don't know if their personal choices led them to be of a different sex this year.

Generalisations of any kind could deviate your message to the wrong end of your market. 

Your book title and subtitle are your first milestones.

The title could be anything youwant to be, even create unknown word, if you want; as long as it will attract the undivided attention of your readership, feel free to go wild.

The subtitle is a very different story, it's role is to show the readers what is in for them and at the same time, helps you reach people on a very personal level.

Delivering the right message is more than often about making the right offer, at the right time, to the right reader. 

There are only 3 steps to choose the most appealing title and a clear subtitle, to make your book attractive to ideal readers. It is worth taking them before you stat writing the book, as it will define the nich you want and help you put your name on it.


1. Empathy is a two-way street

Who is the person holding your book? What is your book going to bring to life? Making the effort to know your readers on a deeper level, helps you become appealing to each person who opens your book and finds that you have the right message for them. Imagine how that makes you feel, as an author? Meeting total strangers helps you discover the person sitting inside you, and, at the same time, your true worth. 

2. Research your readership 

Interviews are a two way communication route but asking the right questions, is not enough, you have to learn to listen. If you want to start your own radio or tv talk show, we are happy to help you join thousands of people who already shared their story and now are helping others to do the same.

3. Define the outcome

What are the challenges your readers face when interacting with your book? Are they even aware that they struggle  with a certain set of circumstances, or they think is normal to struggle? For example, how many people knnow that  lack of empathy is an actual disability, same as any other disability? Delivering value is about revealing a truth that readers can embrace and benefit from, offering better solutions for readers challenges. A goos book can change somebody's life but more than anything, opens the kind of doors that once open could never close again: the doors to your own heart