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Mumpreneurs- the reality

Mumpreneurs- the reality

What does it take to thrive, while raising your children?

Being Selfless begins with motherhood, the sum of all love. When you become a mother, your child becomes your universe. I remember the day my first child arrived, and it was the happiest day of my life. With each child comes a blessing and my three children helped me understand what living in the present moment really means and discover Inner Peace. Children leave no room for yesterday or tomorrow, all is happening now. Where is this new reality leaving you, as an aspiring young woman once you become a mother? What is happening with your future?

Labosshy Mayooran’s book “Mumpreneur”, holds the answer! I want to warn you, this is not just another book about motherhood, but an entire new concept, an extraordinary solution to brilliancy and motherhood to co-exist and thrive.

 When I first met Labosshy, she was a young, vibrant entrepreneur, with big dreams, with limitless creativity and unconditional love for others. Now, Labosshy is the happy mother of two beautiful boys and a very successful entrepreneur. What it takes to thrive, to achieve professional success, while raising your children?

If you are a mother and have big dreams, if you feel overwhelmed with motherhoods and professional commitments, this book provides a much-needed solution to all the challenges of modern motherhood. I wish this book was written three decades ago!

 Labosshy takes you into the “juggle the struggle” adventure and while the content is filled with techniques and key strategies you could apply immediately in your day to day life,her book is a golden guide on how to overcome the challenges you face as a Mumpreneur. 

My favorite part is the creative brainstorming tool S.C.A.M.P.E.R and how it had been modified to fit the needs of Mumpreneurs. It’s definitely a method that will be useful to many mums.

 As a final benefit Labosshy has provided some useful organizers that can be freely printed by following the simple instructions in the book. The motivational quotes and the chapter on affirmations truly put into perspective the true meaning of gratitude. After all, a successful life is not about what you receive, or you don’t receive in life, but what you do about what you receive or you don’t receive in life.

What brought you where you are in your life at present, being an award winning author, running your own publishing company?

Becoming an Award-Winning Author of my book “Mumpreneurs- How to Juggle the Struggle” was a dream come true for me needless to say that there were struggles along the way. My passion and commitment in raising my children would definitely be my highest priority in life which drove me to be the mumpreneur I am today. Having graduated from a Masters in Research degree in Translational Medicine from Imperial College London and having worked in the Medical Research Industry for more than 5 years, my world and priorities changed when I gave birth to my son.

Suddenly I had a little baby who was dependent on me 24 hours a day and I was responsible for his well-being. Having gone back to work after my maternity leave, after debating whether to go back at all, I found the cost of childcare to be too high to make it worthwhile.

My true inspiration is my husband, Mayooran, he is my driving force who has always guided me in the right direction when I began to doubt myself and encouraged me to take the leap of resigning my 9 to 5 job and start running my own business as a Mumpreneur.

To anyone who wants to become an author, it’s not the easiest of tasks but definitely a rewarding one. I had to write my manuscript during naptimes, school runs and mashed up bananas but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have time. It’s all about time management. Without my adorable kids my book would not have been possible. I’m truly grateful and blessed to have the precious title of being a “Mother”.


What is your solution to the challenges mumpreneurs are facing in 2018?

Most mothers do worry about having to juggle work along with family life however it is possible if you’re surrounded by the right people and you create the opportunities to make it work. I always tell people who ask me how I look after my family, run a business and yet have time to socialise, that it’s all about prioritising your life according to what is more important and most importantly set achievable goals that will drive you to accomplish more.

Life as a mumpreneur will always be frantic but if you have the passion for what you do you will be able to make it work .Talk to people, learn from them and use support networks and do what works best for you. Don’t be afraid to start-up a new business but do your research frst.

Meet Labosshy on stage in London where she is gracing the stage alongside other successful entrepreneurs. 




Consciousness is a quirky thing – intangible but real and powerful

Consciousness is a quirky thing – intangible but real and powerful

Dr Wendy Sneddon

Dr Wendy Sneddon