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Manhattan Beach Pier

Manhattan Beach Pier

By Dr Marina Nani

About the author

Dr Marina Nani is the Founder of Radio W.O.R.K.S. World and MTN Network, the chief editor of two publications (The Quantum of Light and Sovereign Magazine), and authored 56 books. As Founder and Executive Director of Radio Works World and Broadcast Your Passion TV Marina sets out to create one million female entrepreneurs.


Together with her team, she created the MTN Network that consists of brand journalist she trained to broadcast from around the world. While others see her as an accomplished author, she considers herself to be The Good News Channel, helping people embrace their truth and understand their true worth.

Marina Nani retired in 2012 and become an advocate for human brilliancy, embarking on a 1000 day, around-the-world book tour where she met amazing people and total strangers, including herself.

Her story really begins with the first story she ever shared, leading her to the realisation that each of us is born with unique qualities and talents, which unless developed, puts individuals and society at a great loss. Human beings are givers by nature and most of the time, they do not receive the recognition they deserve.  

After sharing the stage with world-class speakers and inspiring tens of thousands on 5 continents, she returned to London in 2016 where she decided to create an entire new industry: Social Edification

Now, Social Edification is building up purposeful leaders around the world. Her Team helps individuals to BE the good news by utilising live events, radio, 2 publications (Sovereign Magazine and Quantum Of Light) and a TV channel, BYP TV (Broadcast Your Passion TV) to raise profiles and exposure, giving unique and inspirational leaders a platform from which they can attract and interact with a fast growing vibrant audience. 

Marina and her team have already hosted over 30 red-carpet events, including Authors Awards at Universal City/ Hollywood, Authors Awards at BAFTA's and Stardust Awards at Royal HorseGuard Hotel and other landmark location, to raise awareness and empower women and men who are working together for the greater good. 

Through her Social Edification initiative, Marina has celebrated and honoured over 2000 women who are making a significant difference in the world and the best stories are published in her latest book series as well as other projects currently under development.

For example, her latest project is the book series "Your Stardust Story- 1001 Inspirational Story from around the world" which gives all the guests featured on her show the chance to become a published author and be recognised globally. Marina's aim is to empower women and help society recognise and celebrate women in 2018 by honouring them at The Authors Awards, Stardust Awards and Media Awards for storytellers, brand journalists and broadcasters to inspire modern society and new generations to find their Inner Peace. 


Marina is a great believer that "Peace starts with you" and every human being comes from, Stardust. They include those women who are facing challenges as well as those who are successful to create inspiring possibilities, regardless where they are coming from.



What are best ways to deliver the value I create for this world?

For some people life is a vision board, for me is a walk on Manhattan Beach Pier. Few years back, I’ve took 928 feet walk on Manhattan Beach Pier that changed the way I see myself. As I went along towards the end of the pier, I could see the sky and the ocean becoming one, and the closer I watched them, the more clearly, I could SEE them as one single reality, and I could see myself and my purpose as one single reality. If my life is the ocean and my purpose is the sky, they are only one, they can’t be divided into two entities, even, by definition, they are two worlds apart.

After my Eureka moment, I go back to Manhattan Beach Pier each time I need a renewed sense of clarity. Each time I go back to the pier, my dream becomes a vision and that vision becomes my only reality.

After each barefoot walk on the Manhattan Beach Pier, I take small steps towards my big dream, but I take massive risks with each step. Looking back, before taking this “now or never” path, I ask myself better questions. One of the question I had to ask myself more often, almost daily is:

” Why people like to create so much value but are reluctant to deliver it?”

While the higher power communicates with humans, and gives humans the inspiration they need to invent new concepts and turn big ideas into better realities, it is up to us, humans, to deliver or not. It is not what life gives you or doesn’t give you, is what you do with what life gives you or doesn’t give you…From all I know, a struggle is more important than you might think, and each struggle you are blessed with, is your opportunity to discover an unique solution to it. Here is the simple truth about your purpose: what you do with it once you have it, it is a very personal choice- but that choice makes or breaks your purpose.

What exactly do I want to achieve in the next 1000 days?

Since I took that walk for very first time, I had a place to go back “home” each time I had doubts about my purpose, each time social conditioning, limiting beliefs and negative circumstances tried to pull me out from this new reality where I know I am my purpose. Knowing that your purpose is not an external goal, or destination, makes it very clear: you are who you make of yourself, and your only purpose is to become the best you could be in any given situation, each day, when nobody is watching, when nobody could witness what is happening within you. Actually, I have a word that sums it, a bit of warning here, this new word is made up from two words: Winning and Within= Withing.


On reflection, looking back at the last few years, it would be fair to say that I took a massive risk, and placed a cardiac arrest bid on a black horse, before the horse could enter the Inner Circle. Do I have regrets investing in people who did not deliver expectations or maybe did not even show up when it was their turn to show up? The truth is that I would not change a single step of the way that brought me where I am today, four days before 2017 is closing its doors.  Each time I placed a bid this year, I did not expect anyone else to enter the Inner Circle, so others could SEE the horse in the Inner Circle and place a bid on that horse. I am the black horse. I place the bid on me. I know that if a big dream visits me, I already have everything I need to turn it into a vision I all I have to do is to focus on what I have, forget what I don’t have. It is unfair to wait for the perfect moment to come for me. I take this present moment and turn it into a perfect moment. without worrying what others would think or not think of me. I am my purpose, not chasing it. Any challenge is nothing but an opportunity for you to become the opportunity you seek.

I am truly grateful for everything I did not receive from life because each challenge made me who I am, becoming the opportunity I seek. In ” real” terms, I created a solution that I wish somebody could offer it to me when I was about to give up, when I could not go forward and could not go backwards and I felt stuck between my dream and my reality: SOCIAL EDIFICATION

My Big dream is to end poverty and #STARDUST Prosperity is designed to empower at least 1,000 people to become millionaires within the next 1000 days.  This is not just another dream but an evolving vision impacting the way you see yourself as an unique individual who is recognised for your true worth. The two magazines, Sovereign and The Quantum of Light, the Stardust Show, BYP- our new tv channel, Broadcast Your Passion, the new series or red-carpet events and exhibitions, are all designed to help you deliver your vision, the value you created already. In many ways, I left no rock unturned to give you the stage from where you could shine and step into your own light.

What is the purpose in my day to day life?

Do you feel trapped in this set of complicated circumstances, where you don’t really have a say…Do you feel that no matter what you do, nothing will change, no matter how hard you try, things will eventually stay the same? Maybe you feel that having a purpose is not something you could experience, even all these celebrities, high profile people already reached a point from where they all understand their life purpose? Maybe it is simply not for you to have a purpose? Maybe you are not selfish enough to drop everything and everyone who depends on you right now, to start looking for one- that is not you, being egocentric is not who you want to become…

I had those thoughts myself, for decades, and it took me a 928 feet walk on Manhattan Beach Pier to understand something that changed my life: I am my purpose. The Purpose of my daily existence is to become the person who can deliver my vision. Each time I am not sure where to go next, I fly there to take another barefoot walk, into the unknown.  And each time I go back into the “real” world knowing that I am limitless.

Join me on the next carpet experience and broadcast your passion



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