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Letter from the editor

Letter from the editor

Creativity is a natural spiritual state for human beings and what differentiate us from the other species is empathy. As an author, your origins are not confined to the borders of one country or another, you don’t just belong to a certain citizenship or local culture, you become an ambassador of emotional intelligence, a Citizen of the Universe. As an Author you know that while somebody reads your book, you are their Universe.

If you already took this journey into the unknown to share your creative genius or, you are just taking the very first steps, this is the most relevant discovery of your life, not because is your own story you are sharing, but because your story begins when you start sharing it. Your message could help people from different countries and generations, from different religions and paths of life, total strangers, and that includes yourself, the person who you were before writing and the person you become when gifting others with your storytelling.

Writing is the true discovering. When you put pen on paper, you re-connect with a long lost friend, the person who seats inside. When activating The Inner Self , you adventure into a sense of purpose that could elevate others and, at the same time, up-grade your creativity. Sharing your gift is a sacred, moral duty and gives you the chance to elevate and inspire others.  

If you still wonder that the purpose of your life is, just remember, it is not an outside goal that you could chase and achieve, same way you would buy your dream home or a yacht; on the contrary, is an inside job- your only purpose is to grow into the person who can deliver your vision.

Everything happens twice, first, in your mind and second in your reality. But creativity will only take you halfway through your journey, without a delivery strategy. Imagine if Da Vinci did not paint  Monalisa, the woman he seen in his mind, or if Dickens did not publish Oliver Twist, who he first met in his mind…the beauty about publishing your story is that unlike anything else,  connects you with eternity.

You heard me speak about your Your stardust story - which now is a book series. Your stardust story is not only what happened in the past but the unfolding story, what is possible once you open the doors to your heart, and invite people in, it is living your Legacy.

The more you write and master your message, the wider the reach of your readership, as your message is just a click away…And yet, what could be more beautiful than meeting your readers in real life, beyond the virtual space, giving them your time, your story and a galactic stardust hug? I remember when I’ve first met one of my favourite authors, after years of reading, loving and buying their books for all my friends and family...We were sitting at the same table for an entire evening, and all the people around me offering me a lot of money to trade my seat with them. It was a so funny saying no, but I knew that being there, next to my idol, it wasn't an accident... My favourite writer's creative energy never left me since. 


If you are reading The Quantum of Light Magazine, it is no accident. It is the deliberate creation of people of significance who, together, are building up a new edifice, a place to call it home to your next book, to your big dreams. In these pages,You are about to discover new authors and authors to be, and I hope you will find it in your heart, to connect with their story. If I had a magic wand, I would help you meet them one day soon! Each author or author to be featured in these our pages, radiate their own creative energy, their unique Quantum of Light.



Thank you for your messages, your questions and stories!   Nothing makes me happier than reading untold stories. While we are people different, living on different continents, coming form different educational backgrounds, people who are part of the various social habitats which were formed along centuries before us, in different cultures, far away from our origins, we are the same kind- The Human Kind and as Forrest Willett once said remember to be" Be both"

If you are contemplating the idea of writing a book but you lack the social confidence of sharing, you are no different than who I was once not long ago,  remind me of myself...

Creativity could overwhelm you at times, especially when you hit a rock or two along the way, but focus on what really matters, kindness. Kindness starts with yourself.
Is it worth overcoming your fear for the sake of inspiring another, lifting another, a total stranger, including yourself? 
Instead of feeling overwhelmed, have a strategic discussion with yourself: 
Who is your story going to inspire? 
What possibilities become available for the person reading your book? 
How would your vision impact the grand scheme of things?

Your story only begins when you start sharing...

Jólabókaflóð, the joy of reading- CHRISTOPHER NORRIS

Jólabókaflóð, the joy of reading- CHRISTOPHER NORRIS