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Your Stardust Story

Your Stardust Story

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‘Your Stardust Story’

to publish never- told- before-inspirational- stories


Let’s take a stroll into Serendipity

Perhaps you are asking yourself: ‘HOW?’ but at this point, I invite you to trade it for ‘WOW!’


Last year when I become the Editor in Chief of The Quantum of Light Magazine and Sovereign Magazine, we knew we were up against a handsome, really tall,brick wall. The only thing I knew beyond any doubt was that your Stardust Story must be shared across cultures and it is my moral duty to retain that purity of your authenticity, to gift the world with your unique voice. When I asked for your support, I was prepared to hear rejection after rejection, and show myself the door out, but I was ready to keep asking until the first yes will show up…I had good friends and fierce competition laughing in my face but I knew I can’t give up, this is not about me, or the authors sharing their story, this is about the people we could help together. This book is designed to bring Stardust Prosperity, open minds and close the achievement gap…This is a book that already has ten thousands reasons to be published!

I remember my High Performance Mentor asking me: ‘What do you see?’ I did not close my eyes, as I should, because I could see with my eyes wide open…At first there was a massive crossing, almost identical with the walk across that famous intersection outside Shibuya Station in Tokyo. Thousands of people were marching to their own drum, watching their mobile phone, without looking around, rushing somewhere at the same time, pushing each other, climbing on top of each other, and suddenly they dropped their phones, one by one, to catch this pink book, which was floating in the air, coming towards each person. Everybody started to read, slowing down, looking round with a smile, to see if others had the chance to grab the book, almost like they were ready to help them get their own… Thousands of people were holding the book in their arms, and very same people were walking along, on this gigantic crossing, but this time it was more like a stroll, it was this space between them, almost like an aura, surrounding each person...

Few weeks later when my son emailed me the book cover, I could not believe my eyes, it was … pink! I have to admit, pink? no, pink would never be my choice of colour…Except, I just remembered, each time I launch a new book, I wear pink…

This book is to be a culmination of the great human spirit, in its pages you will discover true grit, joy, pathos, determination, love, friendship, betrayal, trust and compassion.


What radiates from every page is a relish of authentic stories, never told before, and the magic of soulful story-telling, stirring your imagination into a reality that otherwise would never be told…Thought Leaders, Stateswomen, Authors and Princesses are sharing this magic space with media personalities, nurses, bus drivers, academics and pilots.

Here is your chance of BECOMING one of the Best Selling Authors to autograph ‘Your Stardust Story’

a book that is guaranteed to fly off the shelves in 2019!

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Book Lovers: P.S. Winn

Book Lovers: P.S. Winn

Never saw you coming

Never saw you coming