The language of Time

“How do we feel about our inner authority nowadays? And how do we nurture ourselves in quality feeding ways?  This axis is all about re-forming and re- building. It is the soul’s journey of initiation and growing from needy child to responsible parenthood.  A look at how we treat those we put in leadership and in power may be overdue.  People in those roles are due for changes too with Capricorn the sign that governs, in the ascendant now and in 2020.” Ysanne Lewis

The Story of the Eternal Feminine

“ I turn to Nature, the grass, the flowers, the trees, the brooks and glistening rocks and crisp air, the deer of Richmond Park, and the woodland deities who still quietly roam the Earth, though many of us can no longer feel them. “ Plamena

80000 Voices healing the inheritance of scars

I had often asked myself. “Why are we not doing something about nuclear weapons, especially when I hear the news about North Korea building a nuclear arsenal and the UK deciding to renew Trident?  Why are we choosing to stay in denial, preferring to sweep this issue under the carpet and keep our fingers crossed that nothing dreadful happens?  Surely we’re evolved enough to get rid of them.  On some level, we all know they’re not safe, and I’m sure we’d all love to get rid of them (before they get rid of us). Why aren’t our politicians doing something?”

Book Lovers: Gosia Gorna

“My story is like many others, but what makes it different is that I chased my destiny through the fear, making it my friend and never giving in to it. This gave me the life experience and lessons I needed to create powerful tools that quickly and effectively take you where you need to be, saving you time, money and stress.” Gosia Gorna

Book Lovers: Giselle Rufer

‘I am a woman who was born a dreamer. At times, my dreams were the only things that carried me forward. It’s important to have dreams but it’s more important to realise them. Through my journey was long and often difficult, virtually all of my dreams have come true. I know that there are many more to come, for age has no corner on accomplishments” Giselle Rufer, Creator of Delance